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Valire Process Analytics – Preventing Corporate Frauds & Business Errors





Why Valire?

Valire Process Analytics detects fraud and errors in real time. A revolutionary analytic platform analyzes the entire process to revel the true significance and nature of the single process phenomena. Valire Process Analytics analyzes each & every single process instance, continuously and in real time, identifying patterns and context, to detect the frauds and errors. Valire Process Analytics set a net of hundreds detectors that continuously analyze the significance of each process instance and alert, in real time, to enable immediate reaction. A unique graphical language allows Valire to create new configured detectors in a matter of hours and adapt new evolving needs. None intrusive to IT core system, not affecting or influencing working processes, Valire is a cost effective solution to protect from threats, frauds, human mistakes &IT bugs.


Digital Fraud Examiner Automated early detection of Corporate Fraud. A net of pre-configured Digital Fraud Examiners delivers continuous protection and fraud prevention.

Business Process Enhancement Process Analytics monitor business processes and detect, in real time, human mistakes and inefficient processes. Alert made to process owners allowing for immediate remedy.

Software Go Live QA Looking at every process instance, end to end, at the production environment, and analyzing if the requested outputs are properly delivered. Identifying software mistakes in real time, immediately on go-live.

Use Case

SAP go-live – Identifying programmer mistake in printed invoices. Damage saved – $1.5M
Food distribution – returned goods fraud. Reveling elaborated collaboration of distributors & clients to create false reports on returned goods. Money returned – $5.0M.
Car importer & distributor – parts sold for free. When parts imported on “next day” basis lacked serial number, they were shipped to client with no charge. Damage saved – $100K per month.
Advanced payments deduction – In long term infrastructure projects monitoring down payments deductions reveled overpayment and losses of several $M
Municipal Water distribution – Complex pricing structure introduced into algorithm that performed real-time verification to invoices


Valire founded by Amir Valire founded by Amir Weinberg who has served as the innovative engine behind Mercury's products in the 1990s. Valire team consists of seasoned executives from fields of IT, IT sales & marketing and general management. Valire developed the unique Process Analytics platform that operates successfully in large scale Israeli enterprises for few years.

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